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Mission Statement:

It is our commitment to teach and encourage our children to learn to express themselves in a positive way.

We are committed to bring an understanding of the many ways that our society and community members can express themselves in positive ways through art, music, writing, dance, theater and photography.

We seek to enrich our community and promote growth through education and active participation in the arts and exhibition of all forms of art.

Revision Adopted 11/14/2002

Definition and Purpose:

Most people think of an Artist Guild as a non-essential part of a community that gives retired and elderly people with paint and canvas something to do.
This is far from the truth.

An Artist Guild to be effective must realize that art is all around and that as artists we have a mission and trust to the community as to posterity.

A society is measured by its social and artistic achievements.
It is the cave paintings in France, Stonehenge in England and the vast wealth of art throughout the world that determines the worth of a people.

Art records as well as entertains. Art is one of the earliest forms of visual communications that lead to the written word. Art stirs the human spirit. Art is the message to the now and future generations that we are and were here.

We understand that many people do not realize that through the arts we can teach our children acceptable ways to express themselves.


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